DM Turbines Ltd

Our projects are carried out in compliance with our ISO 9001 management system and DM Turbines Ltd Field Service Engineers are qualified to carry out the following onsite field work:

Mechanical services:

Gas Generator and Power Turbine removal and reinstallation, Borescope inspections, laser alignment and major servicing:


SGT 200 , SGT 200 and TB turbines; Power Turbines, single and twin shaft configurations as well as DLE versions.

Rolls Royce:

Avon and RB 211 gas generator installation (including DLE versions). EAS1 and ERB1 Power Turbine 25K and 50K major overhauls.


LM 6000, 5000 and 2500 turbine major overhauls and Power Turbine removal and reinstallation. Gas turbine hot section overhaul and replacement.

E&I and Controls services:

Recalibration and major servicing on package instrumentation, fault finding, Star Valve calibration and Recommissioning:


Norbit, Siemens Mk 2 and RS Logix.

Rolls Royce:

RB 211 controls: FT 110, 125, 210 and 310.


UK offshore, UK onshore, Europe and Sakhalin Island, Russia.